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SDG Book Club African Chapter Schools SDG Book Club Ideas Sheet


SDG Book Club African Chapter Schools SDG Book Club Ideas Sheet

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Operating an SDG school club as an after-school or during school-hours initiative, should be a stimulating and hopeful enterprise. On this Ideas Sheet, you will find healthy and creative activities designed to promote literacy and help children grasp principles and reasons behind sustainable practices. We recommend activities and encourage you to explore online resources to think up your own ideas. Remember that all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals advance the causes of social justice, economic justice and environmental justice.

Sustainable practices prosper all people without harming the planet we all call home.

The Ideas Sheet includes discussion questions which you may like to help generate great discussions around books on the African Chapter reading lists.

We are in the Decade of Action: work towards achieving the goals by 2030 is a global and collective effort. This is why SDG 17 calls for partnership for the goals and why that goal is so important. SDG 17 is the reason why the global SDG Book Club was created and why the global SDG Book Club has chapters springing up all over the world.

The African Chapter is the latest chapter; spans the entire continent of Africa and is - in size - second only to the global SDG Book Club. No-one, particularly children, the builders of our future, must be left out of the global effort to make the world a better place.

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Meet the Author/ Meet the Illustrator

The authors and illustrators of the SDG Book Club Africa would love to read to the children and take questions in person or virtually (Zoom, other VoIP platforms).

Contact the organizers at:


Quizzes, Word Searches and other word based games based on ideas related to the SDG in question.


Brainstorm ideas related to the SDG in question and create posters to develop awareness. At the end of the exercise when all SDGs have been covered, host an exhibition of the posters involving child led debates.


Create posters with photographs or drawings and interesting facts about favourite characters in the book.


Get the children into groups and ask the children to make up their own stories based on the themes of the book or the themes of the SDG in question.

Book Adventures

Design scavenger hunts and help the children search for things mentioned in the book.
Outdoor and indoor treasure hunts based on themes and ideas from the book.


Older children may wish to write to their Local Government Chairman to request a meeting. During the staff led school meeting, they could discuss what they have learned from their reading and activities with the Local Government Chairman [or representative] about the SDG in question and ask what steps the LGA is taking towards the SDG.

Swift 30 SDG Edition Game

SDG Game

UN Namibia, our founding technical partner, has produced a great SDG game for children in collaboration with Afroprintline.

Swift 30 SDG Edition Game, a great learning tool for teaching children about the SDGs, encourages children to take action around the goals and to find solutions to global problems.

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Kayims Quest

Kayim's Quest for Good Fortune

Author: Ama Worla

Illustrator: Cycil Abban Jones

  • What is the main lesson of this story?
  • What do you think Kayim will do with his gold coins?
  • Imagine what you think Paa Payin wrote in the letter to Kayim's mother. Write the letter in your own words to Kayim's mother.

Leg Power

Leg Power - Victor Wanyama

Author: Jimmy Asudi

Illustrator: Abel Murumba

  • How can the youths use their talent to prosper in life?
  • What are some of the programs that the government can introduce to help young boys and girls build their talents to develop sustainable communities?

Monkey Business

Monkey Business [A Play]

Author: Chukwuemeka Iroegbu Chukwudi

  • What is the meaning of the idiom 'monkey business' and how can you link it to corrupt practices?
  • How can corruption be stopped in society?
  • What have you done personally to help stop corruption?

Village Boy

Village Boy

Author: Anietie Usen

Illustrator: Mike Asukwo

  • What is poverty?
  • Can poverty stop you from being successful?
  • What is wealth?

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