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Allyn and Arlyn Atadero's Biography

Allyn and Arlyn Atadero pictureAllyn Atadero is a physical education instructor at a middle - school in Littleton, Colorado, USA. Allyn and his twin brother, Arlyn, own The Poudre River Resort "nestled between the Poudre River and the Colorado Rocky Mountains". "Missing: When the Son Sets' is the book he has written to record his 3 year old son, Jaryd's, disappearance on the Big South Trail of the Rockies and his on-going effort to solve the mystery of Jaryd's disappearance and ultimately, Jaryd's death. Today Allyn Atadero is a passionate advocate for missing people and recreational safety. His efforts in collaboration with committed US law-makers have resulted in: the Jaryd Atadero Whistle Project with the goal of trail safety for elementary school children; the Amber Alert law - an emergency alert system in Colorado which notifies broadcast media state-wide when an abduction of a child has been confirmed; and a proclamation, under Governor Ritter, of an annual Recreational Safety Awareness Week in honour of Jaryd Atadero and the 'great search and rescue teams' in Colorado.

Arlyn Atadero is currently the assistant superintendent of the McCabe School District in El Centro, California. Arlyn is a graduate of Arizona State University and has a master's degree in education.