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Eghosa Imasuen's Biography

Eghosa Imasuen pictureEghosa Imasuen, a Nigerian novelist, was born 19 May 1976 in city of Ibadan and grew up in Warri, Nigeria. A polymath, he is also a medical doctor graduated from the University of Benin in 1999 and lives in Benin City, Nigeria, with his wife and twin sons. He has had his short fiction published in online magazines and has written articles for Farafina Magazine. His first novel, To Saint Patrick, an alternate history murder mystery about Nigeria's civil war, was published by Farafina in 2008 to critical acclaim. He was a member of Farafinas 9 Writers, 4 Cities Book Tour which concluded in Nigeria, June 2009. The print edition of Fine Boys was published by Farafina 2012. The novel is available on Amazon Kindle. Eghosa Imasuen is Director, Business Development at Narrative Landscape Press.