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Kamel Daoud's Biography

Kamel Daoud pictureBorn in 1970, Kamel Daoud, author of 'The Meursault Investigation', is an Algerian journalist. This month, in the wake of 'a furious row in France' following his controversial writings, Daoud resigned from his post as editor of Le Quotidian d'Oran.

Published in 2015 by One World Publications, 'The Meursault Investigation', was first published in French in 2014 as 'Meursault, contre-enquete'.

Translated into English by John Cullen, Daoud's debut novel has been hailed by critics worldwide as a triumph of contemporary writing. It has won the Prix Goncourt for a First Novel, the Francois Mauriac Prize, the Prix de Cinq Continents de la Francophonie, and was winner also of the English Pen Award.