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Agoi is a literary critic, activist, editor, publisher and a lecturer in English at Michael Otedola College of Primary Education (MOCPED), Noforija, Epe, Lagos, Nigeria. His published works include:

  1. Towards Effective Use of English - A Grammar of Modern English (1999; revised in 2003 and 2006). Lagos: FLAG Publications. ISBN 978 - 34398 - 6 - 3;

  2. Candid Lyrics - An Anthology of Lyrical Poetry (2000). Lagos: FLAG Publications.
    ISBN 978 - 34398 - 1 - 2

  3. Candid Lyrics - Another Anthology of Lyrical Poetry (2001). Lagos: FLAG Publications.
    ISBN 978 - 34398 - 2 - 0

  4. An Offering of Olive - An Anthology of Peace Literature (ed., 2004). Lagos: FLAG Publications.
    ISBN 978 - 34398 - 3 - 9

  5. Service to Fatherland (Poetry, 2013)

  6. I Know the Smell of My Lover's Skin - A Spring of Lyrics Powered by Love (Poetry, 2017).


His co-edited books include:

Silver Lining: An Anthology of Nigerian Literature

Poems, Short Stories, Drama & Critical Essays edited by Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo and Folu Agoi (2019; ed.) Ibadan: University Press PLC.)

Of Shadows and Rainbows: Musings in Times of Covid

(An Anthology of Poems, Plays, Short Stories and Essays) edited by Olu Obafemi and Folu Agoi. Published by Nigerian Centre of PEN International, PEN Nigeria, 2021)


Folu Agoi in workshop

PEN Nigeria

PEN Nigeria is the Nigerian Centre of PEN International ( an international association of Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists and Novelists). Founded in 1921, PEN is a worldwide association of writers, and is known to play a leading role in promoting literature as a force of global culture and in defending freedom of expression and linguistic rights across the world. PEN Nigeria became affiliated to PEN International on November 21, 2001 at the PEN International Congress held in London.

Publications of Silver Lining

Borders Literature of all Nations

The Guardian Nigeria

Interview with Folu Agoi, President of PEN Nigeria | Produced by BORDERS TV

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