Is there an organisation behind Borders or is it an individual? Borders Literature for all Nations was launched on social media (Facebook) in April 2015 under the auspices of Selina Media - a division of Selina Ventures Ltd located at: Selina House, 4, Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa. Olatoun Gabi-Williams is the Managing Director of Selina Ventures Ltd. For more information go to the section "ABOUT US"
How does Borders choose books for review? Olatoun selects books she personally feels strongly about for promotion on Borders Book Reviews. She also receives books for promotional reviews under the auspices of Selina Media. Books can be sent or hand delivered to Selina House. Reviews of books selected for review will take place within 12 months of receipt of the book.
How does Borders choose authors for interview? Olatoun invites authors of books she feels passionate about for interview. Under the auspices of Selina Media, she also interviews authors who independently or via publishers, have sent written requests for promotional interviews to Selina Media. Books as subject for interview can be sent or hand delivered to Selina House. Opening Hours: 9 am - 5.30pm. For contact information, go to the section "Contact Us"
How are the interviews conducted and how long are they? All Borders interviews are of a 40 minute duration with a view to an edited podcast of about 20 - 25 minutes. For now, all Borders audio interviews are conducted by Skype Monday - Friday between 7pm - 9pm GMT (Nigeria time). Our interviews are audio podcasts or written interviews or live interviews. Not video for now.
How are the podcasts distributed? Borders podcasts are published onwww.bordersliteratureonline.netand distributed via social media platforms. Authors, agents, publishers and listeners are free to repost the podcasts anywhere they like.
Publicity for Publishing & Literary Events [Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, etc] Olatoun promotes events via reviews and interviews published on Borders and distributed via online and print platforms to stakeholders in her networks and in the networks of the client.
What are the fees payable for Borders promotional services? Once the written request for promotional services has been received by Selina Media, fees payable will be based on variables which the client presents to Olatoun Gabi-Williams, MD, Selina Media, by email or at a scheduled meeting by phone or in person. For contact details, go to "Contact Us"
Who owns the rights to the podcasts and reviews? Olatoun Gabi-Williams owns the rights to the reviews and podcasts.
Olatoun is happy to receive review copies of books sent to her via Selina Media. However it must be emphasised that not all books will be reviewed on Borders and not all authors who request interviews can be interviewed. Selection is discretionary. Within 1 month of receiving the review copy of the book, Olatoun will contact directly or via publishers, those authors selected for interview in order to discuss fees payable and to plan and schedule the meeting.