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The 17 Stories Project NVN

The 17 Stories Competition is an initiative of the Nigeria Volunteers Network (NVN), a partner of the UN SDG Book Club African Chapter.

Through participation in the 17 Stories Competition, school children from across Nigeria let their imaginations fly in order to write immersive stories which address the themes of any one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Devlopment Goals.

It is a joy to publish the wonderful winning stories on Borders Literature for all Nations. Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants in the 17 Stories Competition.

Rain, Rain Go Away

Rain, Rain Go Away

Author: Jethro Nyam Orfega


Country of Origin:Benue State, North Central Nigeria

School:Christ Apostolic Church Secondary School, Benue State, Nigeria

"The destruction of today's flooding is unimaginable. This is so serious. All my maize has been wiped away. What can I do now?'' Aju complained but there was no one around to listen to his plight. This was the second time that such heavy rain would fall. The people were scared because the season had just begun. It was not heard of in the last century around here.
"I know, it is because of this ozone layer's story that our leaders are talking about recently on radio programs and television. What exactly did they say we should do?'' Aju asked Sokpo who had come to see the destruction of the rain as they usually did. They exchanged greetings and fell into an intense discussion.